By Sanjay Pradhan, CEO of the Open Government Partnership

President Joe Biden Swearing in on January 20, 2021. Credit: White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The nation and the world breathed a giant sigh of relief as Joe Biden assumed the Presidency declaring “Democracy has prevailed.” Despite months of disinformation, culminating in the dangerous attempted coup, America weathered attacks on its most sacred foundation: the ballot box.

But, make no mistake, the assault on democratic institutions is broad and deep. The last four years have seen systematic attacks on oversight institutions, flagrant conflicts of interest, imploding crises of systemic racism and political polarization, and the blatant spread of disinformation through countless media channels.

The U.S. is…

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

By Joseph Powell, Deputy CEO of the Open Government Partnership

The corruption continued to the end. A cast of convicted fraudsters, tax dodgers and money launderers littered President Trump’s final pardon list. One clemency went to Elliott Broidy, a former top fundraiser for Mr Trump who had been implicated in illegal lobbying over a multi-billion dollar embezzlement scheme from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund. The scandal brought down the country’s former Prime Minister Najib Razak. …

A Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Heinz College capstone project completed in partnership with the Open Government Partnership

By: Mina Narayanan, Sarah Sherwood, Mush Chowdhury, and Anirudh Koka

OGP’s Chief Research Officer, Joseph Foti, served as an advisor of the project.

Photo by Dave Simbosa on Unsplash

This guest piece is part of exploratory work that the OGP Support Unit is carrying out around open government and tax to address issues of domestic resource mobilization, countering kleptocracy, and financing sustainable development. The article discusses a centralized database of publicly available information now available here, for use by open government reformers. We hope to expand this work in earnest with partners worldwide in 2022. For more information contact

According to the State of Tax…

What it Looks Like in a Partnership of 100+ Governments and Civil Society Working to Open Government

By Munyema Hasan, Deputy Director of Learning & Innovation, Open Government Partnership

2019 OGP Global Summit in Ottawa, Canada.

“So, how does the Open Government Partnership learn?” We at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) have been asked this question many times. Sometimes it stems from skepticism that learning can meaningfully happen in a partnership of 100+ national and local governments and thousands of civil society organizations. Sometimes it stems from curiosity because even if learning takes place, the line from learning to decision-making to outcomes is never a straight one, especially in the governance field.

It seems like the right time to attempt to answer this question…

By Joseph Foti, Open Government Partnership

chalkboard with the word “liability” written on it
Photo Credit: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

I have been involved in some respect with the Open Government Partnership (OGP) for the last decade of my life, first as a civil society advocate and observer, and later, as the first director of the Independent Reporting Mechanism and now as the lead of OGP’s Analytics and Insights team In this time, I’ve heard the refrain that we need more accountability-focused commitments in action plans over and over. I couldn’t agree more. Accountability should be seen as the “first among equals” in terms of OGP’s core values. Here’s why.

I am strongly persuaded…

Photo Credit: Komari Komari | Shutterstock

By Sanjay Pradhan, Chief Executive Officer of OGP

This blogpost was originally posted on the International Budget Partnership website. Click here to read the original blog.

Millions of lives and livelihoods are at stake. Rescue packages in each country have a different mix of fiscal, monetary and regulatory measures. Across countries they include massive procurements of life-saving medical supplies and medicines that touch the lives of all citizens; safety nets for millions of vulnerable people; subsidies and credits to protect jobs for thousands of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME); and major infrastructure investments, tax and regulatory incentives to provide…

By Sanjay Pradhan

This statement was originally posted on the OGP website here.

Graphic provided by Black Lives Matter.

The killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery and Nina Pop and other black men, women and persons in the LGBTQIA+ community are a blatant manifestation of systemic, entrenched racism and bigotry. While these killings took place in the U.S., racism and discrimination have been deeply rooted across the globe, manifesting in a variety of forms and colors. …

By Robin Hodess, OGP Civil Society Co-Chair

As all of our lives have quickly become dominated by the impact of COVID-19, I hope all are safe and healthy and adapting to our new reality.

During the last week in February, I had the pleasure of welcoming the OGP Steering Committee to my adopted hometown of Berlin, Germany. The German government (an OGP Steering Committee member) and Transparency International (whose Chair, Delia Ferreira, is also part of our joint civil society-government Steering Committee) kindly hosted our meetings.

Little did most of us know that this would likely be the last in-person…

By Joe Powell, Deputy CEO, OGP

The Open Government Partnership’s founding mission and vision remain as powerful today as they were in 2011, and yet the context for our work has changed profoundly. On the one hand OGP has grown into a mature partnership, with 78 national members, an increasing number of local governments and thousands of civil society participants. Together they have co-created over 4000 open government reforms, of which a significant proportion have shown major impact. …

By Robin Hodess, Director of Governance & Transparency at The B Team and Co-Chair of the OGP Steering Committee

For more than two decades, my professional journey has been one dedicated to helping build more open, inclusive, and accountable governments with strong institutions that ensure the wellbeing of people. For the coming year, I am excited and humbled to continue this pursuit as Co-Chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Steering Committee, alongside the Government of Argentina.

Our joint leadership role will be one of promoting continuity in the Partnership. We will also focus on leveraging the unique potential of…

Open Gov Partnership

78 national, a growing number of local governments, plus thousands of civil society groups, working to deliver the promise of democracy beyond the ballot box.

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